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April 08, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I've survived the newborn stage... twice, two years apart. I've been sleep deprived and exhausted beyond words...BUT...no matter how tired I was (and am) it's one newborn....at a time. My friends Maura & Kelvin had TWINS; double the work, double the blessing.  Absolutely the most amazing and craziest thing in the world. Exhausted x2. Sleep deprived x2. Maura you are my hero. You must have superpowers. The girls you're about to meet below give adorable a whole new meaning. They're the tiniest humans I've ever met and might just be the cutest bilingual babies out there. I cannot wait to watch these two grow. Maura & Kelvin- congrats x2.   Amo a todos.  THANK YOU & ENJOY!!!       


      Sisters are the perfect best friend.......



Welcome sweet baby Mckayla

April 07, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Meet Mckayla....who could easily be confused with my daughters baby doll (the cute one, not the one that cries and giggles uncontrollably). Perfect skin, perfect eyes, ten tiny toes and perfect parents (if there is such a thing Mark and Diana are it).  Mark is obsessed with his little girl- and it's awesome to see...and of course for me to document. I am so excited that another baby girl has joined the Hopkinton boys crew. Lucky for me...my husbands guy friends married awesome girls and they're now my therapy...my friends...my wives (it seriously takes a village to survive motherhood). Welcome to the club Diana... you really are doing an amazing job. You have tons of support and people to help pave the way. If I can tell you anything now...it's nap. nap when she naps. Screw the dishes and laundry and anything else that's on your mind. NAP!  love to you both. big big hugs...THANK YOU~ & enjoy ~

Three months old already

March 31, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Everyone thinks maternity leave is heaven. Let me be the first to tell you....it's the exact opposite!! It's hard. And exhausting. And messy. And ugly. And it's really really long....you feel like crap, you sleep in two hour blocks and you leak from everywhere. Gross right? It's the truth! Babies are cute... but they eat CONSTANTLY and poop non stop and boys? they pee on you. Literally. My littlest is three months old today. Finally...and already.  And he's awesome. Now that he smiles and interacts and I feel like I'm actually getting somewhere...it's time to go back to work...which will be great right? I'll keep telling myself that anyway.

I never got to make homemade play dough or see any arts and crafts projects with my toddler through to fruition... but I did stop eating donuts and that's a huge accomplishment...munchkins too. Also, really hard work!! Now that I'm a mom of two...I've learned that it's okay to watch 75 episodes of Mickey in one day...it's okay if your kid sleeps in your bed here and there...it's okay to be mad at your husband or your mom or your next door neighbor. It's okay to pee with an audience and only wear sweats....yoga pants to dress up. It's healthy to cry (daily) and it's also okay to nap whenever possible and leave the laundry sitting dirty for a couple weeks..and then rewash it several times because you forgot to flip it. Somehow... you survive it. Somehow you come out on the other end...maybe not knowing which end is up... but either way... you're a mom and you're awesome and your needed...two little kids need me...ALL THE TIME. I'm going to embrace it... at least for this moment. Tomorrow, I might feel different...and I just might have a donut.

But here... is my three month old-  who I love...and can/cannot believe... he's three months old.  Thank you Mark, family & my girlfriends for being awesome... it takes a village...no joke~ ENJOY!!



Baby Cargan is on the way!

March 25, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

An extremely talented photographer and great friend recently asked me to capture her family in a maternity shoot--okay, okay, maybe I asked her but whatever.... talk about pressure...thankfully she said YES!!! Phew!! I envy Steph’s talent and find myself thriving to be half as good as she is not only behind the camera but as a nurse as well. She’s one of the few people in this world that you truly want to be around. You’ll see below how gorgeous Steph is on the outside too- she is beautiful, healthy and loved by well…everyone! Her husband is a complete stud and their dog……oh their dog!? If you know me you know how deathly afraid I am of dogs…(sorry steph, didn’t tell you that one) but lucky for me their first born Bauer didn’t eat me and made for an excellent model. It wasn't so scary after all! If you love Steph and I know you do…check these out! (And check out her talent here- http://stephaniecarganphotography.comThank you Steph, Reid, Bauer….and most of all you’re super lucky baby girl-   big big hugs~love & enjoy~




March 21, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

After taking a few months off to have my second baby (and give up donuts for good) it feels SO good to be back behind the camera. I can't think of anyone better to start off with than a super cute five week old. This babe has more clothes than I do, huge bright eyes and a mom that seems to already have this whole baby thing down. Friends of the Fradette family are instant friends of mine!! Meghan thanks for being such an amazing mom. He's lucky to have you. Hope I get to meet dad soon....play date? Thank you- Love & enjoy~ 


.....and....he's done!

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